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This Week: Preparing for AWS

Are you managing cloud services yet? If not, the day will soon come when you’re expected to not only know your way around the cloud but also move your services to the cloud.

The cloud has fundamentally changed the way companies, large and small, do business, which is a good thing for you as long as you’re prepared. It’s time to get certified either on a specific technology, like AWS, or earn a vendor-neutral cloud cert from CompTIA.

  • Why Using AWS is Better than Doing It Yourself
    There’s something to be said for DIY jobs — the sense of satisfaction after completing the task at hand, perhaps even learning a skill along the way. That’s a resource-based mindset. Moving to the cloud means abandoning your resource-based mindset and adopting one that’s more service-oriented. Let a cloud provider, like AWS, work for you.
  • Webinar: Meet the Most Important AWS Services
    In this jam-packed 30-minute webinar, Anthony Sequeira walked you through the essential AWS products every admin should know and shares a few ways to get up and running on AWS. He also helped you zero in on the services you should know in order to pass the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate exam.
  • How to Prepare for the AWS SysOps Admin Exam
    The AWS SysOps Administrator exam is widely considered a moderately difficult exam, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s all about how you prepare. Here are some of the best tips on how to study for this certification exam from Amazon Web Services.
  • 4 Best Cloud Certifications for 2017
    If you haven’t certified on a cloud platform, then what are you waiting for? It’s 2017. Forbes projects that IT budgets will be heading to the cloud soon if they aren’t already. Obviously, you’ll want to certify on the technology in your system, but there are additional certs you can get started with today to help you guide your path to the cloud.
  • 5 Scenarios Where the Cloud Isn’t Better (Yet)
    With the meteoric rise of cloud solutions and the subsequent attention, it’s easy to look around think the cloud is the solution for everything. It’s easier. It’s more flexible. But, there are a few scenarios when the cloud just might not be right for you — yet.

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